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Circuit board
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Specialists in Embedded Systems Design 

 We have experience across a variety of industries including medical, sport technology, and telecommunication. 

Electronics Design
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We design electronics hardware for a range of clients.  We have particular expertise in communications systems, sensors and power management.

We've designed devices with cellular (worldwide GSM/3G/4G/LTE), Bluetooth (BLE, 5.0, Mesh), WiFi, Zigbee and ISM bands communications for data security and data transfer and control.  We can assemble most prototype circuit boards in house, or can arrange for them to be made externally where, for example, the components used in the circuit board are very small.  


Firmware and Software are what bring devices to life.

Firmware is the device driver and low level system control that underpins all functions.  We have developed a system of firmware design with device drivers, application layers and system control that means we can rapidly get new devices working and delivering the benefits for which they were meant.

firmware software programming code
Firmware and Software
mechanical design


We design and build mechanical components for a range of clients.  We have 3D printing capability to support rapid prototyping in house.

We have particular experience in designing housings for electronic IOT systems at low cost. This includes solving design challenges such as design for maintenance, optimising manufacturing cost and space-constrained assemblies (including internal cable routing). 

Mechanical Design


Everything that was ever built was built to achieve a goal.  As devices have become more complex and interconnected, the need to consider the whole system is essential to ensuring that the goals of the creator are met. 

We use concurrent engineering methods to ensure our electronics, firmware and mechanical systems work together and achieve the goals of the system in the most efficient and cost effective methods.

Systems Engineering
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