Systems Engineering

Turnkey solutions for complex systems linking mechanical, electronics and software to deliver  new solutions

Electronics Design

Design and development of electronic circuit board, specialising in connectivity and power management solutions

Firmware & Software

Full capability from drivers for embedded systems to control applications in C# and Android App development

Mechanical DESIGN

From enclosures to complex mechanicsms.  Full CAD design and 3D Printing for early prototypes

Environment Testing

Testing in a calibrated chamber from -70C to 180C and up to 98% relative humidity


Everything that was ever built was built to achieve a goal.  As devices have become more complex and interconnected, the need to consider the whole system is essential to ensuring that the goals of the creator are met. 

We use concurrent engineering methods to ensure our electronics, firmware and mechanical systems work together and achieve the goals of the system in the most efficient and cost effective methods.

We understand and work with standards to ensure that products are designed with safety and approval in mind from the very start.

Examples of our work include a reconfigurable drone with between four and 12 rotors for the UK Defence and Security Accelerator and a GNSS-denied location system with uses from swarms of drones to firefighters in burning buildings.



We design and build electronics hardware for a range of clients.  We have particular expertise in communications systems, sensors and power management.

We've design devices with cellular (worldwide GSM/3G/4G/LTE), Bluetooth (BLE, 5.0, Mesh), WiFi, Zigbee and ISM bands communications for data security and data transfer and control.

Our power management expertise ranges from ultra-low power IoT systems to 204V ac mains supply.  We control battery charging and power delivery for safe and efficient operation.

Sensors are often the key element of an embedded system.  We've worked with a wide range of MEMS sensor to provide key environmental and condition information.

We use ST Microelectronics microprocessors to control our systems from low power modes to mesh networking, often with a real-time operating system to ensure successful continual operation.

All our electronics design uses KiCAD as the development environment.  KiCAD is an free, open-source electronics development environment and means that our clients can open, view and redistribute design files without the need for costly licences.


Firmware and Software are what bring devices to life.

Firmware is the device driver and low level system control that underpins all functions.  We have developed a system of firmware design with device drivers, application layers and system control that means we can rapidly get new devices working and delivering the benefits for which they were meant.  We use the FreeRTOS as the Real Time Operating System to ensure event the most complicated of devices operates without the unnecessary delays in the code.  FreeRTOS is a free, open-source operating system for micro-controllers.

We also develop software applications to receive and process data from electronic systems and run on Window and Linux machines.  This includes the creation of servers to connect devices, graphical and textual displays of data and the sending of configuration and command data over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  These software applications are developed in C# using Microsoft's free Visual Studio.

For those who prefer a mobile solution, we also develop Android apps to control devices and view data.  Android app are developed using Android Studio software and tested and emulated to run on a wide range of devices.



We design and build mechanical components for a range of clients.  We have 3D printing capability to support rapid prototyping in house.

We have particular experience in designing housing for electronic IOT systems at low cost. This includes solving design challenges such as design for maintenance, simplified manufacture (optimising manufacturing cost), complex, space-constrained assemblies including internal cable routing. 

We use state of the art CAD and finite element tools to develop designs from scratch or modify our clients' design to accommodate any required changes.



Electronic equipment and embedded systems have to work in some of the harshest environments - from the heat of the Sahara to freezing Antarctica or the humidity of the rain forests.  Testing of equipment is vital to ensure is performs when needed.  Our team has developed systems for the mines of Russia to the sweltering humidity of Brazil.

We have our own environmental test chamber for testing equipment to its limits.  From -70C to +180C and up to 95% relative humidity, we can test components, sub-systems and whole assemblies within out 100 litre working volume.  Equipment can be powered during tests and we can ensure operation.  The chamber is calibrated to national standards and we are pleased to offer environmental testing as a service.  Test will be conducted to the standards requested by clients and a full report provided on the success of the tests with traceability back to calibration of the chamber.  To find out if our testing is suitable for you, please complete the enquiry form below.


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